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About Zinner

As you look at these pictures, go back to the fall of 1946, just back from World War II and when the Zinner Family got started in the boat business. The picture is from 1921; Charlie's mother was on the Zinner boat cooking with the Homestead being built in the background.

1921 Edith Zinner cooking on Steve's grandfather's boat-
started building house on the Clinton River

The rest is history, for 50 years Charlie along with his wife and two sons met the needs of boaters enjoying a great quality of life in recreational boating and fishing. Steven Zinner never left the boating field; he graduated from Northwood University in Business, and continued working for his father. In 1986, the business was sold. Again a major change in the family, but Steve still stayed in the marine business. Now at age 50, Steve has earned two degrees - one in business and you could say a PHD in recreational boating. Steve has put together a unique business of repossession of watercraft and remarketing them for sale. Along with this, he has become one of the largest aluminum boat trailer distributors in the United States - shipping worldwide.

1965 Charlie Zinner built first rack building in Midwest- $40.00/month for 18 foot boat
1952 Zinner's Boats- mouth of Clinton River-
high water year

"As I look back to the long 15 hours days, 7 days a week in the summer working to help people enjoy a great form of rest and recuperation, my family and I have sacrificed part of our rest and recuperation to help others enjoy life, with no regrets", as quoted from Steven Zinner.

And now for the next chapter in the Zinner Marine Service business. Angela Zinner, Steve's daughter takes over the helm. After being raised in the business all these years boating and the boating business is a second language to her. I'm sure she will run the ship and do great things!

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