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30099 S River Rd, Harrison Township, MI 48045-1881 - Ph. 586.726.5848

As you look over the used and repossessed boats, you may feel that in buying a repo it is a major risk, but here at Zinner Marine we strive to make your purchase a friendly experience and that you will tell other people how well it worked out buying a repo. Word of mouth is the best testimonial. We will let the boats be surveyed and engine tested, and you may bring in your experts to inspect or listen to the motors run. On the larger vessels, special arrangements can be setup for sea trials but there may be a cost to the buyer for this. You will need to have a bid sheet to make an offer, and we will fax you one.

Here at Zinner Marine Services, Inc. we handle a repossessed boat about the same as a regular used brokerage sale. All items will sell as an "AS IS bill of sale" with "no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied," by the seller, agent, or any titleholder of the vessel or item sold. A free and clean title will be furnished. (Other terms and conditions are listed on bid sheets.) We are a major supplier of aluminum boat trailers, we stock and give discounts to our buyers of boats. We can make arrangement in shipping worldwide also.

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